1:1 Coaching & Consulting

Career coaching and consulting is for you if you want to get clarity on who you are. It’s for you if you want to set and plan to achieving big goals. And most importantly, it’s for you if you want to take big action to achieve those big goals. You’re unique, so we’ll create a plan that works for you, and while there’s a method to the madness, the journey is all yours.

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”

- James M Barrie, Creator of Peter Pan

Group Coaching

Whole Life Leadership™: 12-Week CAREER Coaching Program (September 2019)

The power of learning from and with others is amazing. If you are a lover of building meaningful connections with like-minded people, group coaching is the place for you.

This program will help you uncover your North Star in your career change; helping you answer the question of “What next?” With the inspiration and accountability from your coaching group, you will set and achieve bigger goals.

“I started coaching as I was going through some big changes in my life and was in need of some guidance. Having never tried coaching before I wasn't sure what to expect, but Andrea was calm and reassuring from the very beginning, making me feel extremely comfortable. Every session we worked to uncover something different and I was able to walk away feeling lighter and ready to take some action steps. I'd recommend Andrea to anyone needing a bit of direction, increased self-confidence or making positive changes to their lives.”

Fernanda, Entrepreneur (Vancouver, BC)

“As a university student that is graduating soon, I had a lot of different decisions that needed to be made. Andrea always made me feel comfortable with whatever was going on in my head, even when I wasn’t properly able to articulate it. She helped me uncover things about myself that allowed me to better understand what I wanted in life as well as with my future career. All the small anxieties and fears that I brought up, Andrea helped me tackle. She reminded me that situations do not have to be permanent, and life is all about being able to try and learn different things.”

Lina, Marketing Professional (Dubai, UAE)