Hi! I’m Andrea!

There’s a good chance that you’ve come to visit because you’re thinking that you’d like to make a career change or pivot. Yes? Well, you’re right where I was three years ago.

Working on exciting global brands and burning the midnight oil in the fast-paced world of advertising, I had recurring thoughts about what I wanted to make of my career. Is this career path really “the one”?

After resigning, completing my yoga teacher training, moving across the country with my husband, going back to school, a lot of self-reflection and 10 journals later...I’ve found “the one”.

As a Career Coach and Consultant, I’ll work with you to take control back over your career, and remind you that your fears don’t need to consume your big dreams. I’ll hold you accountable every step of the way, and help you do this in a lot less time than the three years it took me.

That’s my story, so what will yours be?

Andrea Barr Coaching Headshot


  • Associate Certified Coach | International Coach Federation

  • Certified Executive Coach | Royal Roads University

  • Certified Insights Discovery Practitioner

  • Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies | Western University

  • Certified Yoga Instructor | YYoga